10 - Calton Hill

10 - Calton Hill

Congratulations! Having braved bears, cobbles, and the vertiginous slopes of the hill upon which you now stand, you have reached the climax (in both senses) of the EuroWalk - Calton Hill, from which you benefit from panoramic views of the Classical order of the New Town, the Romantic labyrinth of the Old Town, and the Fjord (the river Forth) to the North.

From here, you should be able to retrace your steps - starting at the Scott Monument and following modern Edinburgh's retail strip, swinging around behind the castle, and emerging again beside it, before tracing some of the most turbulent events in Scotland's history as you descended the Royal Mile.

Calton Hill was chosen as the pinnacle of the EuroWalk, principally, because of the National Monument and City Observatory on top - the former's nod to the ordered beauty of the Athenian Parthenon, and the latter's appeal to the scientific curiosity of the Enlightenment, are two great examples of what makes Edinburgh a uniquely European city. 

But, more than this, the Hill allows for a moment of reflection upon Edinburgh's place in the world - the capital of 'Remain', this city has been imbued with a sense of European heritage which is present in every fibre of its life. European ideas, food, and culture have left their mark physically on the city, and continue to be found down every avenue.

For such was the aim of the EuroWalk, to unearth hidden connections between Edinburgh and Europe, to show that the ties which unite us lie around every corner, and in the most unexpected places, and to illustrate just what makes Edinburgh such a totally European City.

Thank you for joining us on this tour of Edinburgh - if you too believe that our European heritage is something to be cherished, the European Movement welcomes new volunteers! Contact us using the form on this website, or come along to an EMiS event to find out more.

The Edinburgh EuroWalk Team


If you have a story which illuminates another hidden link between Edinburgh and Europe, or if you have a favourite European spot or restaurant in the city, we want to hear from you

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