EuroWalk Route

Devised specifically to shed new light on Edinburgh's intimate and inexhuastible connections with Europe, the EuroWalk route leads its followers on a beautiful route, encompassing the Georgian New Town, the splendid Princes Street Gardens, the bustling Royal Mile, and the Classical majesty of Calton Hill. Follow the whole route, which takes around 90 minutes, or simply pick and choose the POIs which interest you most.

The route begins at the Scott Monument, a gothic tower outside Waverley Station, and ends amongst the Athenian monuments atop Calton Hill, which affords enviable panoramic views of the city. The route is manageable for all with moderate fitness and a comfortable pair of shoes, and is littered with innumerable cafes and restaurants, particularly in the Grassmarket and on the Royal Mile, for those who require some sustenance to continue their European pilgrimages...

A Romantic tower, for a man who towered over European Romanticism

A touching tribute to the Polish community in Scotland, and the Polish-Scots link

The outpost of the Auld Alliance partner, in stately comfort on the Royal Mile

An Irish Founding Father, and a son of Edinburgh

A centre of scholarship which has shaped, and owes so much to, European partners

A colossus of the Scottish Reformation, schooled in Calvinism in Geneva

A titan of The Enlightenment, buried in a secluded Churchyard

The modern and ancient seats of political power, both imbued with a tangible European spirit

The vantage point whose neo-Classical monuments earn Edinburgh the welcome epithet, 'the Athens of the North'

If you have a story which illuminates another hidden link between Edinburgh and Europe, or if you have a favourite European spot or restaurant in the city, we want to hear from you

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